Benefits of Human Resources Planning

hr-plannigBy formulating a well conceived plan, some benefits can be accrued by the organization as well as by the human resources management. These benefits can be summarized in the following points:

1. Better view of business decision: Upper management has a better view of the human resources dimensions of business decisions.

2. Minimum cost: Human resources cost may be lower because management can anticipate imbalances before they became unmanageable and expensive.

3. Anticipated talent: More time is available to locate talent because needs are anticipated and identified before the actual staffing is required.

4. Management development: Proper Human resources planning (HRP) can ensures the development of managers through proper training programs.

5. Improved utilization: Human resources planning improves the methods of utilization of human resources of an organization.

6. Economy in hiring: Effective HRP can set a system of hiring human resource for the organization with minimum cost and efforts.

7. Information base: Human resources planning helps in expanding the human resource management information base to assist other human resource activities and other organizational units.

8. Coordination: Coordination of different human resource management programs and activities is possible with the help of a well established human resource planning.

9. Reduction of wastage: Proper manpower policy will reduce wastage rate.

10. Corporate asset: Manpower planning stresses the value of human resources as corporate assets.

11. Gradual growth: Interest in manpower planning is increasing because the size of the organization is gradually increasing.

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