Tools for Motivation

motibation, hrm, bba, mba, bd, hrmdp, human resource managemenr,Each organization has an extensive range of motivation tools. These tools can be divided into-

(A) Financial

(B) Non-Financial

The Financial and Non-Financial tools are in below.

Financial tools of motivation:

  1. Higher pay (increment)
  2. Pension, gratuity, provident fund, etc.
  3. House loans/advances
  4. Insurance premium
  5. Travel Allowance
  6. Facilities for extra income
  7. Bonus
  8. Products at fair prices
  9. Rationing facilities
  10. Special grants for family members
  11. Festival allowance
  12. Servant’s allowance
  13. Laundry allowance
  14. Car drivers allowance
  15. Other financial benefits

Non-Financial tools of motivation:

  1. Participation
  2. Quality of work life
  3. Job enlargement
  4. Use of praise
  5. Knowledge of results
  6. Competition
  7. Experience of progress
  8. Experience of achievement
  9. Recognition and reward
  10. Common goal
  11. Job security
  12. Good relations
  13. Creativity
  14. Free communication
  15. Work schedule
  16. Autonomy
  17. Promotion/ higher/ better assignment
  18. Sound management
  19. Personal power and influence
  20. Training facilities
  21. Certifications for better performances
  22. Other social benefits
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